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CR no.: 2765252
Corporate Bank 012-355-2-004935-2
The Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd.

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Tsuen Wan N.T.
Sha Tsui Road
Showcase Site Yuen Long: TBA
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Without research there is no Data, Without Open Data there is no Positive Change

CRD-HK: "We focus our professional knowledge on the selection of Exceptional Research Projects in collaboration with Fellow Scholars, Principal Investigators and Universities. Our contributions are published and accessible to an wide audience, advocating the principles of Open Data" , the Center for Research and Development Hong Kong
Embecosm: Embecosm’s goal is to deliver the very best compiler technology in the world. Our commitment to free and open source software is absolute, given that many of the hardest problems can only be solved by open cooperation between the finest minds in the world.
The result of that cooperation is the very best software available, which makes us a very successful technology company.  By investing in our services, customers gain a vital edge in fast-moving and highly competitive markets