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Imagine sharing Open Data with Premier Institutions 
The Center for Research and Development Hong Kong (CRD-HK) Mission is to select and manage exceptional Research Projects that Support the Publication of Open Data.
Our dedication to deliver exceptional Research Data is made possible through our Approach in how we partner with premier institutions.

We Serve the key areas in Agriculture Studies, Marine Science, Data Sciences and Computer Science.  

We don't follow trends, We do research.

Open Data
The core services provided by us are reflected in the selection of Research Projects in partnership with Fellow Scholars, Institutions or Public 

75% of our Research Projects are in the
key areas of Agriculture Studies, Marine Science, Data Sciences and Computer Science.

25% is our Corporate Social Responsibility and contribution to the Society by managing Community Support Programs.

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We are one of the few NGOs with the capability to develop and deliver technological and innovative solutions based on Scientific collaboration with select partners.

The SDI-Bionet ™ laboratory is evidence of our exceptional work involving several scientific disciplines with key institutions.

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The Center for Research and Development Hong Kong (CRD-HK) fully supports and advocates the Principles of Open Data.

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Open Data
The Center for Research and Development Hong Kong (CRD-HK) fully Supports and Implements in all our Research Projects, the Guidelines provided by the Open Data Institute (ODI)

Without research there is no Data, Without Open Data there is no Positive Change

CRD-HK: "We focus our professional knowledge on the selection of Exceptional Research Projects in collaboration with Fellow Scholars, Principal Investigators and Universities. Our contributions are published and accessible to an wide audience, advocating the principles of Open Data" , the Center for Research and Development Hong Kong
ODI: "We focus our efforts on one part of the challenge: helping companies and governments to build an open and trustworthy data ecosystem. These organisations have particular opportunities and responsibilities as data’s main collectors and users. In building this ecosystem, they can become more efficient, make their business and funding models more sustainable, and benefit society", Louis Burke - Chief Operating Officer, the Open Data Institute